21 yr aged female, severe hairloss..why?? help!!?

Issue by Queries!!: 21 yr outdated female, severe hairloss..why?? help!!?
I’m 21 yrs outdated and my entire existence I’ve experienced slender hair but standard. Not too long ago I have been loosing handfuls of hair to the stage in which you can see my scalp alot far more than you used to. Its scaring me simply because I am so youthful and folks always mention how “slim” and how “tiny” hair I have. My hair is long about to my boobs and it’s killing me contemplating I could potentionally be balding and really go bald. I cry almost each day when I brush my hair and see the quantity that falls out just before, in the course of and after my shower 🙁 I’m taking YAZ start handle that I switched over to awhile again but in no way seen if it all started out going on after the alter. I’m also extremely skinny and tall but I consider natural vitamins!!! Remember to assist me!! 🙁

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Answer by Morgan
for christ sake get off the YAZ!!!!! Seemingly you have not read about all the wellness issues and loss of life YAZ has induced. I take Apri. A although in the past I stopped taking it simply because I was receiving the shaded upper lip that beginning manage occasionally brings about and the sudden absence of the hormone manufactured my hair slide out. I was seriously freaking out…..then it just stopped. Its been a prolonged time but I am nevertheless making an attempt to develop my hair again. I guess this is a relatively frequent facet result of getting beginning handle.

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