9 Herbs For Hair Loss

http://www.natural-hair-shampoo.com/ Ayurveda, the Indian science of therapeutic has been making use of herbs given that historical time to handle hair reduction and encourage regrowth. Herbs for hair which are verified…


  1. Clayton Luca

    *I’ ve been u sing **de r mo biotin shampoo** for the last 5 months. A
    bottle last’s me a long time because I cut my hair short. My hair has been
    thinning near my widows peak and the crown of my head and since I started
    using this product I started noticing a difference in the appearance. I’m
    still not sure if it’s made my hair thicker or if it’s new hair has
    starting growing back but it does look somewhat darker. I will post an
    update in the following weeks*

  2. Leo White

    hii i am 20 yrs ;i lost my hair on front scalp (no heriditary) how can i
    regain my hairrrrr

  3. Elizabeth Lua

    I’ve had thin, limp hair all my life and when I was stressed, it tends to
    thin which freaks me out even more. I’m glad to found Argan Rain
    products via searching on google! I’m happy to inform you that positive
    results. Now, my hair is growing back stronger and thicker and I will
    continue to use. 

  4. Edmund Dast

    I bought arganl ife. products after I saw on internet. when I leave
    arganl ife. shampoo on my hair for a few min. as suggested by the
    instructions, ı can feel the tingling sensation. And after a few weeks of
    use, ı can see that my skull has denser follicles. 

  5. Hi, There is a amazing natural herbal hair oil which is mixture of 50+
    herbs & seeds oils those are famous & well known for hair loss & hair
    care, all over the World in all societies, it costs $30 comes with 60 days
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  6. Bixby1979

    Use what works!!! Any shampoo with the active ingredient (ketconoazole).
    Best of luck!

  7. komesh -k



    Thanks for uploading this – What’s the name of this “Sound Track”..?

  9. Alex Let

    thanks this this is very good video, they do it with sence, it make sence
    we all understand it

  10. reginadaluz93600

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  11. PlumbersInYourArea

    would definatly recomend aloe vera,I use a natural shampoo with aloe vera
    as the core ingredient and this works really well,also stay away from
    shampoos with sodium laureth sulfate in them at all costs!

  12. Saurabh Sinha

    apply wine on scalp and massage it deeply and and fill your bald section
    with hair dont do other things just get wine and protect yourself ffrom
    being bald contact me saursfts@gmail.com

  13. GoodVibrationsHealth

    I own a natural health store. Could you send me a free sample or two. Maybe
    I could sell it in the store. Thanks

  14. @Dannycoolbreeze It takes almost a month to get it by mail. If you still
    don’t receive it, keep on e-mailing them that you need it urgently which
    you do anyways because you’re talking about hair loss. And you will
    eventually receive it soon. I had the same problem as you and I live in

  15. David Budi Wartono

    if u have impotensia after finasteride its means u deficient in testoteron
    n depending your libido to DHT which is not good, just replace your
    testoterone to normal level. too high DHT cause not only hair losss but
    also BPH n Prostate cancer

  16. Ivan Syamov

    Hey! I’m Jacob.I did -15 lbs in 2 weeks.More here hawght.so#tBeJ

  17. steve johnson

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  18. Lizzie MacGuire

    Go to some Ayurveda store. Or any Indian store.

  19. David grundza

    Allright guys I want to give you a quastion I start lossin hair about 2
    years ago i never tryed never minoxodil nothing ye but I dont know whats
    working and what doesn’t Please give a advice what help and what does work
    please save my life I wanna my hair back Thank you please If you see thiss
    comment and you’ve got true solution please send me a email
    Davidgrundza1993@gmail.com 🙂 Thank you very much 🙂 All of you and dont
    give up I never will do that !

  20. Derek Stevens

    This triggers me an interest as most of these herbs I’m not familiar with.
    Hence, this would make me do more research about it. Who knows, some these
    are already available right on my backyard.