A excellent shapoo for hair reduction?

Concern by Princesa: A great shapoo for hair reduction?
I require a great shapoo for hair reduction any suggestions i am losing also a lot hair

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Solution by ConcernedCitizen
We all drop some hair all the time. It really is normal for a few hairs to fall out day-to-day. If you’rre in fact in danger of likely bald, shampoo is not going to help. You would need to use Minoxidil or some thing similar.

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  1. Owl city <3

    take multi vitamins or prenatasl that includes biotin supplement..which do help somewhat with hair growth. watch your diet, eat lots of proteins, fruits,vegetables and grains. then switch to an organic/herbal shampoo that is sulfate free.. someone recommended me himalaya …these are herbal based and prevent hair loss, increases hair growth, stimulates the scalp and restores the Ph balance. and that’s a very good choice to go with, just remember not to keep on putting harsh chemicals in your hair..good luck 🙂