A natural treatment method against hair reduction? Assist!?

Question by michelle: A all-natural remedy from hair decline? Support!?
January was incredibly hectic for me as I have a looot of examinations and as a consequence I am loosing a whole lot of hair! make sure you assist! any pharma product, normal recipe…anything that will help! Thanks

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Solution by fire_dragon
i require the anser to this my self but every one particular has advised me about these oils u can get from the pharma there is one called vatika oil i investigated it way too u can google it maybe it will assist :S

btw i’ve been to the docotr about it she just suggests its standard but then yet again shes lazy and if i was dying she would say its alright

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  1. see your doctor to find out the root cause of your hair loss, it may be a deficiency in something, which along with stress, may have caused your hair to fall out.

    i lost a lot of hair a couple of years ago, then only way to help it was to only wash it when it was dirty, let it hang dry and wear it up without brushing it to reduce breakage. don’t straighten it, colour it, blow dry it, and get some blood tests done.

  2. yes there are many of ways to speed up hair groth or/an stop or provent hair loss.
    If your wanting to use vitmans which is the best way to naturally provent hair loss use vitmans b3, b5 and b6 are usfull though i suggest out of them to use b6. Vitamin C can also help but the main vitman to help provet hair loss and boost groth is biotin.
    along with taking vitaman you should massage your head with the balls of your fingers (NOT THE NAILS) for 5 minutes per day.
    All the vitamins and the massaging bascually help the blood flow to the sculp and make the hair hair follicels grow faster, they also streathen and re-hydrate the hair.

    I hope i have helped and sorry for spelling mistakes =)