A very good way to enhance hair follicles?

Query by : A great way to strengthen hair follicles?
SOOOO I am a 15 12 months old douleur with some issues. A single of them is that I have reaally oily hair and I get a good deal of acne on my scalp actual effortlessly. Because of to this I started scratching my scalp a whole lot. This induced hair reduction and I feel it may be Traction Alopecia but what I DO know is that my follicles are weak as of now. Soooo I was just pondering what I can do to fix the hair follicle difficulty like maybe a shampoo with protein extract for oily hair or some thing like that >.> lol.

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Answer by Sioux
your hair folicles are n ot weak. i have no concept where you got that idea.. it does not operate that way. traction alopecia is caused by something pulling tightly on the hair. ie hair weave it does not appear from scratching your head due to the fact of zits. I doubt you have any kind of alopecia at all . far more then likly what your viewing is typical hair loss do to the stop of the hairs life cycle. and right below the hair that fell out is a new a single just like it

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