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Issue by Kerry B: Support Concerning HAIR Loss
Does anyone have any particulars of formulas, shampoos, natural vitamins etc that might help my Mom she has been in intensive treatment pursuing a lifesaving procedure, she is now residence but her hair arrives absent from her scalp so effortlessly, i am following some thing to improve it, stop or slow down hair reduction & possibly boost development as she experienced lovely hair before her illness.
Many thanks

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Reply by cynNdta
i don’t know some formulation or shampoo for that. but i think she has to consume more fruit and veggie to make her body health and the vitamin maybe can support her.

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  1. Best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery. As far as her hair, talk to her doctors and see if any of the medications she has been on would cause hair loss. They may be able to change it or tell you how long to expect the loss. If the hair loss is due to the medications, you may try a hair cleansing cream that would help remove the medications from the hair. (In a salon, we would use such a cleansing cream before chemical services on anyone who had been taking allot of medications)

    Hopefully the hair loss is just temporary due to the illness, just give it gentle cleansing and conditioning , don’t try to anything that would further stress the hair.

  2. Hello kerry
    There are solutions for sale which may work for you. I have had success with Provillus. The good thing about this product is that there is a seperate version for women as the cause of female hair loss is usually not the same as a man. Hence, the specialist womens hair loss solution. It is worth a look.