Aid!! Extreme Hair Loss!!?

Concern by angelica: Aid!! Excessive Hair Loss!!?
ok, my previous issue was about no matter whether microwave oven foods causes hair reduction. Most of you explained no. So wonderful. This is the point: I am doing work element-time and I am working with a whole lot of pressure from my manager despite the fact that i’m not operating each day and I even dread going to work often. As much as i detest to confess this, at times, I even cry but I will get over it before long adequate. But, eventhough i face a large sum of anxiety, it wouldnt trigger that considerably hair loss appropriate? cos when i was experience stressed from finding out final time, my hair doesnt fallout. So, is it really caused by anxiety?

Whenever I operate my fingers by means of my hair, about 10-20 strands of hair will fall out. When i’m sleeping, my hair proceeds to drop. I am genuinely concerned.

At 1st i went to see a physician about this hair reduction difficulty and he recommended that i lower my hair but even soon after i did so, the issue still persists. Then, i suspect it really is the shampoo that i use given that my good friend instructed me she experienced the very same thing when she was utilizing the same shampoo. So, i transformed the shampoo but my hair even now continues to fall and you will find no enhancement.

I’m really worried. Must I seek out consultation from a hair professional?

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Response by *cas*
If it worries you that poor then for your benifit as a hair professional, it will give you an solution both way. Pressure can be the result in of just about everything. Probably stressing above how significantly hair reduction is even creating it even worse. I dont know for positive. Make confident you are ingesting correct, attempt some vitamins, a shampoo thats not harsh, attempt and consider a few deep breaths and just try to rest. If that nevertheless doesnt function as a hair expert.

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  1. how old are you??? yes i would see a doctor …..stress can cause hair loss but that seems alil on the fast side ….if in the past year your have started birth control like depo provera that could be the cause think about any new pills you have been taking diet etc. Good Luck and make sure you use shampoo with lil alchol bellieve it or not suave has very lil alcohol and it is cheap

  2. Following are a few things that you can try ,

    1.Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, which contain flavonoids and antioxidants that may provide protection for the hair follicles and encourage hair growth

    2.Avoid pigtails, cornrows, hair weaves, braids and tight hair rollers which can pull and stress your hair

    3.# Supplement your diet with the following nutrients:

    * Vitamin B complex (Category A)
    * Biotin (Possibly safe; orally and appropriately)
    * Vitamin C (Category A)
    * Vitamin E ( Likely safe if amount does not exceed the RDA; possibly safe if it does)
    * Zinc (Likely safe when used orally and appropriately; likely unsafe when used orally in high doses)

    4.Use shampoos and conditioner that contain biotin and silica.

    Lastly if you want something that i already used and shows a good result on me for my hair loss problem .