Alopecia And Me

How this is Tomohawk and Welcome to a very particular Vlog. This Vlog is about Alopecia and what it is. Ideally i will be creating far more and attainable a Vlog chan…
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  1. L for Leeeeee x

    u may have alopecia, but who cares, not me! ur are who u are tom!!! And i
    love you 🙂 

  2. Adam Clarke

    Thanks for explaining – I did not know that it is an auto immune
    condition…. great vlog too – your a natural at talk to camera vlogs :-)

  3. UNIT819Gamer

    If you have no hair then what? You are who you are, and your awesome!

  4. TheMinecraftterz

    Tom I have a brother and he has it I need some advice would you join my
    party to help GT TheNameIsSnake

  5. Chloe Thomson

    Tom I have alopecia too and yesterday a chunk of my hair fell out I was so
    embarrassed but my brother also has it and he’s helping me through it but
    the way you deal with it is better than the way I do

  6. Jack lumsdon

    at least you will never get white or grey hair haha

  7. TheKiwiRevolution

    It doesn’t matter if you do have alopecia! Your still awesome bro :)

  8. Tomo hawk

    First ever Vlog on Alopecia. Very Nervous but please share Thanks :)

  9. yammy xox

    I couldn’t imagine you without Alopecia. It makes you who you are and you
    look fabulous. It’s great that you’re confident enough to make this video,
    you’re truly inspiring 🙂 

  10. MCCliimax

    I love how you aware people about Alopecia and are not afraid to talk about
    it, well done Tom!

  11. Cpt RageTastic

    Your Still super Awesome hair or not! 🙂 

  12. Well done for talking about it tom I’m new to your channel .u r total
    legend plus boss .well done 

  13. Art-Official - GameBasher

    great vid sir Hawk ! had no idea you were part of the Beatles as a child ;D
    i learned a lot bro thanks

  14. nuropsych1

    Liked & Subbed. Question. Does alopecia cause you to be so awesome or is
    that just come natural? You rock dude!

  15. Christine Gibbins

    Thank you for sharing this. My son is 9 and suffered with alopecia one
    week before his 7th birthday. He was so proud to show me your vlog this
    evening as he really looks up the minecrafters. Be proud of yourself, I
    know this probably wasn’t easy but so much good will come from you sharing

  16. Minecraft kr3w

    I bet people bullied u in high school

  17. iTzCraft (Inactive)

    No matter what tom! You will always be awesome and one of the nicest
    YouTubers out there 🙂 

  18. Ditsy Queenie

    Well done! It can be hard to tell people about it. <3

  19. LilyAnn31

    This was awesome glad you did it stay awesome tom:)

  20. Peanut Butter Jelly Gamer

    Tom yer a Boss, this Vlog was just perfect. Cheers Bro, we all Love ya.

  21. HauntedPurpose

    Very cool bro had no clue thanks for the Update on it and who cares what
    you have you’re still awesome and you’re still human!

  22. Moves Like Joey

    Tom just remember hair doesn’t make you awesome. You do 🙂 you are my bro
    man. Love ya

  23. PebblesDaPanda

    Wonderful vlog tom. Thank you for sharing your alopecia story with us. It
    was very brave of you and I appreciate you doing it :)