Alopecia areata?

Question by Malina Gazel a.k.a hawaiian surf: Alopecia areata?
I have the problem Alopecia areata exactly where hair decline is involved.
if i go to my typical medical doctor and tell him about it, will he prescribe meds to me? are those meds healthful and wont do harm to my physique or pores and skin or hair or anything at all?

and will it help develop my hair back?
due to the fact i practically have no hair on my hairline and its bothering me. hair is really critical to me also lol

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Solution by Mo
There is no remedy for Alopecia, I go through up on it and the only point that labored on my scalp was Head and Shoulders and that’s just to reduce the irritated skin. I heard that some skin doctor can give you a steroid shot in the balding location but you have to hold acquiring them. There is’nt anything at all the medical doctor can give you to cure it if that is what you are searching for..

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