alopecia areata and pericarditis blended?

Query by fedup: alopecia areata and pericarditis combined?
grownup male 40 calendar year aged had alopecia areata for six months now.
lethargy and some joint discomfort in arms a handful of weeks in the past.
these days admitted and undertreatment for viral pericarditis.
I am suspecting autoimmune trigger of pericarditis.

any medical professionals or clients have understanding to share about hsitory prognosis and treatment method for it?
He is below therapy with Indomethecin. Diagonosed as viral pericarditis. Nowadays is 3rd day nevertheless have some pain. There is no joint pain or inflamation. I am far more worried about the future recurrence of any other autoimmune illnesses. He had historical past of colitis years in the past.
Thanks for listening to me.
Yesterday the patient went to emergency for feeling of nausea and headache and vomitting. He experienced ringing in his ears for two times and experienced so ill. Indomethacin fifty mg tds for five times finished and was decreased to twenty five mg that morning. At the crisis the physician tested CT scan and also did a sequence of blodd exam for any inflammation and infection heading on. Unfavorable and the disgnosis was drug reaction to Indomethacin. Affected person is feeling far better but still extremely weak nowadays. (Contact wood) he is on recovery now. Thanks!
I did informed the emergency physician about his old history of autoimmune disorder. He mentioned his blood assessments would include it. Thanks !

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Response by Just the Details, Ma’am
lostonearth – Though it would call for further screening to figure out for particular, you are correct that the alopecia areata and episode of pericarditis could be related. Alopecia areata is commonly believed to be an autoimmune situation, and even though it does often happen in isolation, other autoimmune ailments referred to as the collagen vascular ailments (like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, dermatomyositis, polyarteritis nodosa) have been discovered in .6-2% of clients with alopecia areata. As it turns out, just about all of these collagen vascular conditions can also lead to pericarditis!

To know if any of these may possibly make clear your problem, a medical professional would require to get a complete background, do a comprehensive examination, and may deliver some specific blood checks. If you have not been witnessed by a rheumatologist, I would highly advise that you inquire for a referral or seek out one out for yourself. Prognosis differs commonly dependent on what the analysis may be, but all of these conditions are treatable! Good luck to you! Hope that can help!

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I see you’ve got extra some data. Even even though they are contacting this viral pericarditis, it is challenging to show that the pericarditis is brought on by a viral infection. It must really just be named acute pericarditis due to the fact, as you have pointed out, it could potentially be connected to an autoimmune situation. Indomethacin is an anti-inflammatory drugs that is 1st-line treatment method for pericarditis. If it isn’t going to look to be assisting, oral corticosteroids (like Prednisone) can be used. You now say there is no joint pain, but you explained that he experienced joint pains in his fingers prior to? I realize that you are far more involved about the threat of much more autoimmune problems in the potential. Nobody can inform you what the chance is or try to avert a long term function except if we know what the underlying difficulty is. He Wants to go through a rheumatologic workup by his medical professional. If he is in the medical center, I hope you are sharing your worries with the medical doctor that is taking care of him appropriate now!

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