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Argan Oil is frequently referred to as liquid gold of Morrocco, is an oil developed from the kernels of the argan tree, endemic to Morocco, that is valued for its nut…
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  1. Charles Frank

    I do not know if I was losing a lot of hair but my hair was not as thick as
    it used to be. I tried Argan.Rain formula to thicker my hair and it works.
    I saw results very fast within a few weeks. My hair is thicker.

  2. George Howard

    My hair starting thinning two years ago.After two months of using argan
    .rain my hair that had been thinning around my forehead came back.

  3. Matthew Fernao

    It takes at least three months for actual effect, but it seems like working
    okay so far. does not cause any skin trouble so far.

  4. Mark Patrick

    I used Kirkland Minoxidil for a couple of weeks and my head began to itch
    like crazy. In the beginning I couldn’t understand what was happening. I
    went to several doctors who said I had psoriasis and recommended I use a
    dandruff shampoo to make it stop. I used several different good quality
    shampoos and prescription shampoos for months, but nothing made the itching
    stop. Finally, I decided to stop using the Kirkland product and I started
    using argan. rain anti hair loss treatment. My itching problem was over.
    Highly recommend.Also Argan .rain smells so good