Alopecia Areata Bald Spot for Male: How to Hide Bald Spot with Hair Fibers

I acquired my synthetic hair fibers here: but really feel cost-free to get them wherever that is most handy for you. I have been suffering from…
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25 thoughts on “Alopecia Areata Bald Spot for Male: How to Hide Bald Spot with Hair Fibers

  1. tofacitinib is the cure according to a lot of people, I don’t know where to
    get it though. Ruxolitinib is also a cure, but that can’t be bought
    anywhere that I know of :(

  2. @SpotLight Dreams It lasts until I wash my hair again. The hair spray holds
    the fibers in place even outdoors. 

  3. I have a random bald spot on the left back side of my head its smooth when
    you touch it, my dad told me to go get it checked, and as always and
    probably most of you have a fear of going to the doctor, but anyway if I
    cant do anything about it I will have it checked, do any of you know about
    this type of balding or know its not harmful and that it can be treated? Im
    about to watch this video hopefully it helps out.

  4. I have a bald spot like that and I’m only 14 everyday people make fun of me
    at school and in public but I just had to learn to take it and be grateful
    that I have arms and legs

  5. how long is a “while” estimate the time if for example i will not wash my
    hair forver,estimate the time the fibre how long it was stay there for
    thanks man videos great!!!!!

  6. I really like this Argan Rain products I do believe it is stimulating
    new growth, I like it so much that I am ordering a bottle to send to my
    daughter. Once she has had the opportunity to try it, I will write another
    review based on her findings.

  7. How Long Does this last? when you apply the hair fibers and go outside how
    long would this last until it starts to show again?

  8. For my alopecia areata problem, I have tried argan life products . I would
    recommend it to anyone who suffers from alopecia areata.Argan life is the
    only one which contains no sulphate ,alcohol and dye.I am thankful to
    developers of the product for such a great treatment.

  9. im nly 21 years old but in middile of my head der is bald part 🙁 how can i
    cure this prblem…by using this artifial hair fiber …the bald space goes

  10. Well im going bald, its genetically but i use this and it’s good, but its
    not good for tricking your girl friend into you got hair.

  11. if you have bigger spots, you can use makeup to help darken the skin, then
    apply the fibers. this has helped me in various situations.

    just remember to wash your scalp and remove the makeup. it can stain and
    blocks your pores

  12. Wish I would have known about this when I was in high school! My alopecia
    areata went away when I turned 18 and now that i’m 23 its starting to come
    back in small patches on the back of my head. 

  13. Looks good but what about the toxicity or skin irritation? Will that stuff
    get into your blood stream? Also will it prevent natural hair growth to

  14. I’ve been taking arga nlife products for 4-5 months now and I can
    definitely say that my hair is regrowing. Very happy with the product.

  15. Is that a daily ritual? I have Alopecia as well, I went to a local doctor
    and he gave me some cream that grew my hair right back. I had three spots
    almost that same size, now you can’t tell I ever had a bald spot there. It
    has been 12 years with no problem but recently I noticed a new spot, I am
    going to call my doctor again.

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