1. Adam Green

    I’ve had thin, limp hair all my life and when stressed, it tends to thin,
    which freaks me out even more. I’m glad I found arga nlife products via a
    basic google search! I’m happy to report positive results. After a month
    or so, my hair was growing back stronger and thicker. 

  2. Angel Ann

    My fiancee who didn’t know ı was using Argan Rain products for 3 months
    noticed that I started to regrow hair before ı did. You have to be diligent
    about this stuff and not freak out if you notice you’re losing hair early
    on during the massaging needed for the application process. I’m going on my
    5th month now and the results are well worth it. I like the argan oil too
    because it can also be used to style your hair.