17 thoughts on “Alopecia Areata film – Ga Van Cuylenburg in Child enable you hair dangle down –

  1. @PeggyKnight Thanks so much Peggy. It can be hard sometimes I agree!!
    Sending you a big hug!!!

  2. @PrinceOF9Imagination Thanks but it is ok – it is the best thing that has
    happened to me with all I have learned!

  3. I had no idea who you are until I heard a beautiful voice in a game. Then I
    looked you up and found this. I think you are a very beautiful person and
    God bless you.

  4. no, im 17 and was diagnosed with it at 16, i guess im lucky though, after
    about a year my hair grew back, i still have to see docs though, they say
    it could happen again if i stress too much :/ it was hard always having a
    stupid hat/people asking if i had cancer, one teacher actually asked if i
    got ina fight with a piece of gum when it first started falling out… it
    took me a second to calmly laugh it off and explain to her what was going
    on. shes a great teacher though 🙂 she just didnt know

  5. This is great,my 12 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with
    Alopecia. Is there a was to buy a copy of this movie, if it’s completed.

  6. @GeorgiaVC Hi Georgia! Great video! How does the UV treatment work? Is DNCP
    the same as DNCB from Dr Strick? Do you go to tanning beds?

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