Alopecia Areata Inquiries?

Question by John Jsjhsjddfljkbfd: Alopecia Areata Concerns?
I went to get a haircurt a handful of days ago, and when I received house I noticed a tiny bald location on the back of my head near to the hairline of my neck. It really is pretty tiny, possibly no far more than a one/two inch in diameter. At very first I imagined the haircut lady just nicked me with her razor on incident, but the hair never ever even commenced to grow back so I seemed it up and Alopecia seems pretty significantly exactly like what I have. My only issue is what are the odds that this minor patch just goes absent by alone and never ever arrives again as opposed to the chance that it gets larger, or much more patches arise? I guess must insert that I am a 17 year old male. Also if this is of any importance, I had this strange rash on the back of my neck a few months ago in about the exact same spot, but the medical professional explained it was Psoriasis and she gave me some product and it went away in like a two weeks. Could they perhaps in some way be connected?

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Answer by Sandy
The psoriasis went away, but I guess you failed to know if the hair was missing then? Usually with psoriasis you get far more than a single patch on the scalp.
Give it some time, if the hair does not grow in, you need to see your Medical professional >3

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