1. Tanisha Winfrey

    I’m going through the same thing. I found out I had an autoimmune disease
    when I got pregnant. I was really sick the entire pregnancy. I delivered 10
    weeks early and after I had my baby my hair started falling out in clumps
    and I have patches missing. 17 months later and it still hasn’t filled in.
    I’m trying g to deal with it. I stopped perming it when I got back so I’m
    fully natural now. It’s frustrating b/c I can’t wear certain styles b/c of
    the bald spots. The drs say that I have an undifferentiated connective
    tissue disease (meaning that it’s an autoimmune disease but not sure which
    one yet).

    S.n. My son is great, born 2lbs 6oz. Was in Nicu for 6 weeks and came home
    at 4lbs. Never really had compilations 

  2. Raven Royal

    Thank you for replying Jass. I know I probably should change my diet,
    although I don’t eat fast food I eat a lot of sweets and I often don’t eat
    but maybe twice a day. I snack a lot and I should drink more water. I am
    going to get the products you use with the shea butter too. And try to
    reduce my stress as much as possible. I worry about almost everything and
    now that I have my son my worrying has gone to another level. But I know
    God is gonna take care of me so I really need to just do less worrying and
    more trusting in him

  3. griekenlandkiaton

    All I see is a woman with the most beautiful eyes and mouth. You are great
    looking with or without hair.

  4. johan vuurden van

    hello i have the same problems with alopecia areata but my hair begins to
    grow again

  5. Mayra Zuleta

    Thank you for this video! I was diagnosed 2 months ago and got the shots
    (have not helped so far…). I am going natural and will probably do the
    big chop. I look forward to watching more of your videos for support and

  6. UniqueMonique513

    This video made me feel little better. I have been having trouble with my
    hair falling out in the back of my head for 4 years now. I thought it was
    from different medications I took, or just being overly stressed. But once
    I saw how repeatedly my hit was breaking off in the same spot, I began to
    think I have Alopecia. Its the most frustrating thing ever to do with. I
    cutt my hair over 12 times with in 4 years and when it grew back it would
    grow in the bald spot but the hair would be light n thin. I gotten micro
    braids as well and I’m surprised that it was long n strong enough to hold
    the braids in. I just continued to cut my hair although, it done taken the
    transformation of being cutt a certain way. It like my right side of my
    head grows faster then then the left side.

  7. Emely Espinal

    That is so sad she lost her hair so sad hope your hair grows back

  8. Michael G

    Hi I just wanted to know how you get the onion smell out of ur hair

  9. Belinda Sunkwa

    i had dis for two years nothing grew bck… so in the second year i felt i
    needed to try out sumthin traditional or organic.. so i tried using onions
    and coconut oil…within a week i started seeing results and now my hair
    is fully grown with no patches at all

  10. Moranda Rivers

    Hey thanks for the info ! Did u use that product or you just promote it ?

  11. Kenyetta Reid

    Its soo crazy that I came across this video when I have a dermatologist
    appointment tomorrow. Last time I was there I got tested for alopecia
    because I had been experiencing hair loss like yours since I was in high
    school (i’m 28 now) but was never tested (find out tomorrow). Most of the
    time when I found a spot in my hair it would already be growing back so I
    was never too worried about it. I do get the steroid shots, not sure whats
    in them, but they help with the inflammation beneath my scalp so that my
    hair can grow back faster. Good luck with your hair journey. I loved your
    video because I always tell myself “Yetta, its just hair” lol

  12. Raven Royal

    Well I think your beautiful regardless. I have not been diagnosed with
    alopecia but I was listening to this video and I noticed that you mentioned
    that you had hair loss after you had a baby. Well the same thing has
    happened to me. I had my son in Feb of 2014 and I noticed significant hair
    loss in May 2014 right in the middle of my head.I have a dr. appointment
    next month so I am anxious to find out what is going on with my hair. I
    would like to know besides shaving my hair off are there any other things I
    can do to hide it and/or promote growth. Thanks for any help you can offer.
    Thanks for the video.

  13. Allison Gould

    I too am a Christian and believe of demonic infiltration. I know for a
    fact God can heal your body through prayer. In addition what you eat and
    put in your body makes a difference. Phase 1 program for all of those who
    would like to cleanse your temple and develop a new way of eating. Also,
    Acient hair growth oil can cure your alopecia. Check out the videos here
    on youtube. It is %100 organic and very very affordable. All the best to
    all of you sisters here who suffer with this. But, remember Christ said
    your body is your temple. He knew the dangers that would be coming for us.
    Treat your body right and it will be good to you for many many years. God

  14. kgilliam19

    Hi Jass. I was told I have a different form of alopecia. I will be going to
    get a 2nd opinion to be sure but wanted to ask if you think these methods
    would work for me also? Thanks for sharing all your videos. It gives me
    hope that my hair could grow back. It’s a little depressing but I believe
    through faith prayer and taking care of my body I will be healed. Just
    wanted to know your thoughts. Any feedback you could give me I’d greatly
    appreciate. Peace and Blessings