1. Rohit Chougule

    yes there is. i was having aa since i was 2 nw iam 18 n im almost 95% cured
    believe me i was almost totally bald. u shud thik +vely u’ll get ur hairs
    back i bet u. i got mine back. and the which iam getting now is just simply

  2. Hukiworld

    @CoolWoman98 I can see you live a life of no hope or faith… That is YOUR
    choice if you live this way but just because you don’t believe there is a
    cure, doesn’t mean there isn’t.

  3. Hukiworld

    @CoolWoman98 actually, there is… Watch Howconnie videos how she went on
    her onion mask journey and got REAL results using home remedies- onions
    only to be precise 🙂

  4. Saoirseff

    clicked on the website and the first thing you’re told- sign up using your
    credit card—ciao !

  5. Musician's musician

    Hopefully, in the 8 months since you wrote this post, you have come to see
    how insensitive your remarks were. You assumed way too much about the
    person your were responding to and triggered justifiable (if abusive)
    outrage from them.

  6. MrAsktommy

    After trying many shampoos I finally came across this w..arganrain…net It
    does exactly what I wanted it to do. Don’t expect to regrow your hair over
    night however, constant use is necessary. This is perfect for those that
    are in the initial stages of balding, because this STOPS it while you are
    using the product. DO NOT stop taking it after you see results, or you will
    begin losing again.

  7. thaedster4554

    my son is 14 years old he has alopecia please sombody help me. i dont no
    what else to do can sombody please please help me

  8. sheitelwigs

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  9. Saidat Coubadja

    Hey im 20 years old i am a female with alopecia i had it since the age of
    10 it is something that i had trouble dealing with and coping with for so
    long. Many people told me that hair doesnt make a person and it took me a
    while to realize tha. Your son may not understand that now but in the long
    run he will. I had kids bully me at school which was really hard but i hope
    things work out for your son as it did for me.

  10. Homeopathy is BS and I hope that people here know that alopecia areata can
    come back in waves. Hair loss/growth is often cyclical in people.

  11. Rohit Chougule

    i am having alopecia areata too since i was 2yrs old nw i am 18 i am taking
    homeopathy treatment at Dr. Prafull Vijaykar n believe me nw i am almost
    95% cured. i was almost totally bald. everyone should take treatment there.
    its 100% curable. dont loose your hopes. believe me everyone can get
    his/her hairs back. without any side effects. Atleast give a try….. just
    be +ve….