ALOPECIA Huge Question!!?!!??!?

Query by modeltipe: ALOPECIA Big Query!!?!!??!?
I have alopecia and so I want somthing sweet carried out with my hair so I want a weave! So I have a big question that individuals that get weaves may possibly know about! Will weave tracks glue on to bald spots with the weave glue ??!!!? 🙂

Many thanks you:)

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Response by Joss
Please do not get a glue in, simply because you are going to have considerably less hair following you consider it out. You will usually have some volume of breakage from putting glue in your hair, even if it truly is completed correctly. Can you get a sew-in? If so, that will be healthiest for your hair. Or, you may want to try a few wigs and 50 %-wigs, but be careful there, also, because half-wigs can break off your hair, providing you bald spots in which there should not be any (I’ve noticed the images).

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