ALOPECIA is long lasting OR there are items and items you can do to regrow hair?

Issue by dee b: ALOPECIA is permanent OR there are products and things you can do to regrow hair?
Which is correct?

If there is a way to regrow hair, what is it? –Specifically the hair at the temple which has thinned from sporting tight ponytails.

Apart from factors like rogaine (due to the fact I have listened to you have to preserve making use of it b/c as soon as you halt, the hair falls back out)

Best solution:

Reply by Princess
A boy in my course has alopecia and he hasnt had no hair for about a year now, he has to have some steroids to attempt and get the hair to develop back again, also he is acquiring some injections in his head (not positive what they are) to consider and make the hair grow again, he was genuinely upset for the university images on tuesday as he experienced to use a hat.

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