Alopecia.. My Journey/My Treatment method

Hey fellas, this movie is a bit more on the severe aspect.. In this movie I speak about my hair loss because of to Alopecia, my journey, treatments I’ve employed and nonetheless …
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  1. Edwin Betse

    I had noticed my hair falling out by the bunches. I had severe alopecia
    about 3 years ago and my hair grew back within time thanks to Argan life
    shampoo. However, it is thicker than ever. I have been using Argan life
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  2. MsMalika64

    I heard about your channel from Jasmine Rose. I think you are brave and
    powerful for sharing your story. I have locs myself and you are teaching
    people about alopecia which is important.´╗┐

  3. Barbara Solomon

    I was told once that your trail is not to hurt you but that you might help
    someone else, so hang in there and try to stay positive´╗┐