Alopecia & Natural Hair Journey 2010-2012

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16 thoughts on “Alopecia & Natural Hair Journey 2010-2012

  1. I really like this arga nlife products I do believe it is stimulating new
    growth, I like it so much that I am ordering a bottle to send to my
    daughter. Once she has had the opportunity to try it, I will write another
    review based on her findings.

  2. You are BEYOND blessed to have such a loving husband. Beautiful you two!
    Simply beautiful #YahBless

  3. Its still amaze me just how many people don’t know about Zunhairex Secrets
    (google it) although lots of people cure their hair loss and regrow it
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  4. I’m sorry to hear that. Have you seen a dermatologist? I think you should
    see one because you need to know what type you have. I went to the doctors
    but the doctors didn’t help.. then I went to a dermatologist.

  5. I massage my scalp with oils. I also have a video about my frequent asked
    questions. I will post it on your wall

  6. Happy Peach fuzz lol. I’m going to try the Arganrain treatment. Massaging
    the scalp helps stimulate hair growth.

  7. I can tell he really loves you, he looks at you w/such love! beautiful! so
    nice he was supportive.

  8. I love this video. I’m glad that the alopecia is gone. You and the hubby
    look great as usual.

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