Alopecia Sew-in completed by three Girls and a Needle

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  1. ronniemonnie

    She’s been dealing with alopecia for 9 years but she’s still perming?
    There’s your problem lady.

    Nothing against perms/relaxers or anything, but you need to know your

  2. Allison Southern Belle

    Alopecia my ass. She still has her brows & eye lashes. Alopecia is when you
    lose all body hair not head hair. She had no head hair due to braids,
    weaves, & wigs. Get real. However the end results look good.

  3. all natural herbs

    a change in life style and using natural stimulating herbs will grow the
    hair back. three girls in a needle have them to contact me. the weave is
    well put together, awesome!

  4. Tee'Kayy

    All the ppl saying its not alopecia are dead wrong its different types of
    it, she has alopecia areata quarter to large bald spots not alopecia
    universia which means all the hair has come out if you going to try to down
    sumone make sure you got your shit straight and perms and chemicals dont
    make it worse constantly doing your hair and showing it attention makes it
    better i also have it it is an auto immune disorder. And My Hair Looks
    Amazingg Sooooo yeahhhhhh +canadian Elle you can tag your buddy this is for
    her to =)) 

  5. breakback9

    Who are these F*cking wierd ass crazy people on the internet?! Like
    seriously, am I the only one reading the comments? One crazydumb, ignorant
    B*tch is quoting and hashtaging Tommy S.(An Apeshit-Asshole) and another
    lunatics is calling black women the crucifyers of Jesus!!

  6. Dorothy Y. Felton

    Her smile says it all. She is a satisfied customer. And her looks great

  7. Brittney Cortes

    That would never look like her real hair black people do not grow straight

  8. Thacebenbrie3

    Out of 400+ comments (mostly backward) here, I see none from a medical
    professional or certified, or degreed trichologist . I commend these
    ladies in giving others confidence and the opportunity for women to have
    hair. Hundreds of other companies are doing it, perhaps you should write
    letters to HairClub for one. I have seen wavy hair installed and natural
    or (so called) kinky hair installed. It’s all in your exposure to varying
    techniques. Britnney Cortes, it’s apparent that you will have to live
    three lifetimes or more to find out what a real black person is. But I
    doubt you will learn anything. In short some of you need to develop either
    a better process or get your own enterprise – 

  9. AJoan Senaah W.

    90% of Black women Do NOT have Alopecia Grow your own hair…
    You are the temple of the LORD those who are actually his. Stop putting
    glue & other people’s hair on your head. God gave you hair grow it
    out…if Jesus take it away it’s gonna be too bad. Black women put thorns
    on Jesus head. Problem is Black women are ashamed of themselves & of what
    God has made them to be. You have crucified your scalp if Jesus had hair
    like us then we have crucified him & put thorns on his head! Yeah you Black
    Woman. Satan has deceived you..Woman.

  10. RedsKitchen Sink

    Beautifully done. Looks very natural. There are other things that can be
    done while wearing a closure or weave to stimulate hair growth like eating
    foods rich in natural DHT blockers and nutrients that feed the hair
    follicles. Some of those foods are tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, strawberries
    and more.


    Is Alopecia caused by wearing braids/weaves to tightly? Shouldn’t people
    who are affected by it wear wigs so they can give themselves oil massages
    to try to stimulate growth? How would you know if you can’t grow your hair
    back if you have alopecia? – will it just not grow in that area? or can it
    be stimulated to grow?

  12. panavision09

    interesting, but how did she lose her hair? i sincerely hope that it wasn’t
    due to excessive use of chemicals and weave. you may of noticed that naomi
    campbell is now missing a fair amount of her hair. sistas should learn from
    her misfortune. 

  13. 777jokerjoe

    She should be advised not to go this route although cosmetically it looks
    nice, but is this the healthy solution for her hair? I can see that the
    braid on the left side is so tight that her scalp is turning white which
    will result in more hair loss. Quick solutions like this are not the answer
    to alopecia. I’m sure they had good intentions but I would think as a
    professional hair stylist they would have given her better advice rather
    than a sew in. Sometimes alopecia isn’t hereditary you can cause it
    yourself with weaves and other unhealthy habits to your hair. This is
    actually hard to watch.

  14. I do agree there are diffrent types of alopecia. However applying chemicals
    to your hair when you suffer from any type of alopecia, is not good. A
    relaxer is used to break down the hair to a straighter form. I think it is
    noble of her to share with the world, what some people suffer with
    everyday. However someone with alopecia, I definitely would not reccommend
    sew in weave. She needs to visit a trained professional “dermatologist” who
    specialize in cases like hers. If I was a beautician, I would not touch her
    hair. If she has the money for a sew in, she definitely should be able to
    afford treatment. If she has sought out treatment, and was told there was
    nothing that can be done, then that is one thing, but if she hasn’t, thats
    a problem. I see too many people trying to self diagnos there conditions,
    some things are meant to be done by a license physician or dermatologist.
    But I do wish her well on her battle of alopecia.

  15. Salima N.

    Alopecia definitely does not take away ALL of your hair, yes I also have
    alopecia and the top of my head looks similar to my mother’s and my late
    grandmother’s. So when you comment on someone’s condition, know the facts!

  16. CocktailGurl

    You did a awesome job thumbs up! Does hot oil treatment cause alopecia I
    heard that it does if you apply it directly on your scalp? Does it? I like
    oil treatment makes my hair soft and manageable. 

  17. Anime Lev

    Thats bullshit! 9 years if alopecia is fuckin impossible!!! You can only
    have it for about 1-3 months 1-2 times in your life!!! Wtf?! 9 years?!

  18. You are amazing you totally help and make these women feel and look their
    best . God bless you.