Alopecia Therapy, Hair Update

The lengthy overdue hair update online video. I went to my skin doctor on Tuesday we commenced the Cortisone injections. It is administered after a month. As I said in …
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  1. MsMalika64

    I can definitely relate somewhat. Years ago, I used to take a certain type
    of birth control pills to help regulate my cycle. After taking them for
    several years, I discovered my hair was thinning at the crown. It
    eventually turned into a noticeable embarrassing bald spot. Something told
    me to read the paper insert with the small print that came with the pills.
    It said,”Can cause hair loss.” I Immediately stop using them, and my hair
    began to grow back over the next several months. It true meds cause hair
    loss, or some undiagnosed medical condition. I hope your doctor will be
    able to pinpoint the cause of your alopecia and help your hair heal. Try
    not to stress over it, I believe it will all work out for you eventually.

  2. Michelle Stars

    Great video! I’ve just decided to get the steroid injections, I have
    alopecia in my nape area bac of head for over 20 yrs, I’ve brought every
    hair growth product and my dermatologist prescribed me a liquid steroid
    solution to rub on my scalp for over 5 yrs now but I’ve seem little results
    and I’ve always been scared of steroid injections! So please show more
    updates! Thnks!!!!!!