1. T. Smittie

    You go young lady!! Im loving your confidence; keep doing what you are
    doing because you are beautiful – perfect name “TheDarkSkinBeauty”!! Keep
    doing these video’s please – they are great inspiration to/for others like
    us. Thank you much!

  2. TheDarkSkinBeauty21

    Thank you so much!! Thanks for subscribing! !

  3. homemom242

    Wow u truly are an inspiration to me and many others, I have no edges or
    hair in the nape area, it all fell off in 2009 and has never grown back,
    like you only my family and close friends have seen my hair, but I do at
    times get depress and wish I had at least my edges, but such is life,
    continue the good work, and we need to be an encouragement to all going
    through such situations

  4. mira soprano

    I have it as well Marginal, its something I have told very few people. It
    started when I was ten. I have a head full of hair except my sides are out,
    but I have edges weird. It will grow in the middle and fall out. Anyways
    what is it when it sweats does that mean ny follicles are still active?

  5. motorcity4life

    This alopecia thing sucks I hate, I hate!!!

  6. analyticalw

    I think you’re beautiful as well!

    I suffered with my hair falling out in clumps as well about two years ago,
    and a bald spot four years prior. I did the big chop (after transitioning)
    two years ago, and I noticed when I chopped I had several spots on my head.
    As my hair grew in, I noticed that those same bald spots remained to show,
    but would grow a VERY TINY amount of sheer hair in it (if that made
    sense?). I’ve yet to go to the dermo because I’m afraid of being told my
    hair won’t grow back or it’ll get worse. 

  7. melody brown

    I am curious if you have tried Fusion Health Hair Tonic? Or listen to Dr
    Wallach & Youngevity if you are interested. I had a friend that cut out
    gluten out of her diet. I think it is also caused by hormone problem .feel
    it is a way of the body telling you something. I love you’re videos
    beautiful girl.

  8. Aleesha Kerri

    SHAVE IT ALL OFF… You are so pretty you dont even need hair..

  9. 2012loveyourself

    girl you are so pretty you can pull off the Amber rose cut,just shave it.
    you have a beautiful face and a beautifully shaped head.


    Girl, I support you, is not easy for me too, its hard to grow back my
    edges. i always put gel on my front hair to cover my hairline but anyway
    courage. I think i will just start wear scarf 

  11. Martin Hewsa

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    areata the product was easy to use. I did notice new hair growth while
    using it for 2 months. I would recommend it.

  12. PastorErickDMarquez

    MORINGA OIL is the best ….!

  13. Yvanna Valcin

    Your hair does a lot of the things my hair does it’s scary lol. I
    appreciate you and your strength and this is coming from a two year

  14. Muhammad Tariq

    I purchased arga nlife prod ucts because I am losing my hair due to
    alopecia areata the product was easy to use. I did notice new hair growth
    while using it for 2 months. I would recommend it.

  15. Queen White

    Go to Queensnaturalhaircare.co to help your hair grow back, we have
    thousands or clients that hair look like your

  16. Romunda Thompson

    Sorry I don’t know what happen. I guess I was typing to fast. What I’m
    trying to say is pray. Pray that your hair grows back,and doesn’t fall out.
    Prayer really works. I will also keep you in prayer. God bless!

  17. Romunda Thompson

    You’re a beautiful girl.stay positive,and pray. Pray that you’re hair grows
    back,and doesn’t fall out. Prayer works!!!!!!!!!! I will also keep you in
    my prayers. God bless! Natural beauty