Alopecia – very best wigs?

Question by twentytwo_fourteen: Alopecia – very best wigs?
I have alopecia areata (autoimmune condition) and have had it because I was about 7. I truly have a good deal of hair, but closer to the summer season time I get much more & much more places and they become more challenging to conceal. I am now 21 and I’m actually getting fatigued of striving to constantly hiding it and thought it may possibly just be less difficult to get a wig? I’ve tried almost everything to get rid of alopecia, but with out a treatment I truly feel like a wig is my only alternative.. my largest dread with wigs is that folks will be capable to notify I have 1 on, and I am genuinely actually scared to like have to shave my head ( I really feel de-feminized..)

Any & all support accepted! Make sure you and thank you 🙂

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Solution by Melissa H
I have experienced alopecia because I was eleven months outdated. Now I am 26. There is nothing you can do to get rid of alopecia. Aside from putting on a wig to disguise the physical signs and symptoms, your following ideal prepare of action is to get some assist for the psychological aspect-consequences. Viewing a therapist or counselor will actually make this less difficult. In my impression, in any case.

That getting explained, I have worn a wig because I was 11 a long time old. Some men and women will be capable to notify simply because no wig is fool-proof. But most of the men and women I meet have NO thought right up until I explain to them. And if men and women can inform you have one particular on, who cares? I always consider that prospect to educate them on alopecia so there will be 1 much more man or woman who knows what it is. I understand it really is a diverse method for every single particular person. But that is what has labored for me.

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