Am I starting to bald?

Query by Eddie: Am I starting up to bald?
I am 21 many years old Chinese male residing in the US. My household has no historical past of male sequence baldness.

In the earlier calendar year, my scalp has been off and on itchy
I’ve started to develop dandruff
I have recognized the hair on the sides of my head finding a bit thinner (exactly where 1 would typically anticipate MPB to begin), but I haven’t lost nearly anything in conditions of hair line.
There is certainly like two perhaps 1 cm extended lines (imagine from my ears heading ahead to correct outside the house the two of my eyes) exactly where the hair is really skinny.
I also may have been beneath far more tension this past year than in time’s previous.
No one has commented on any hair loss of mine but, as it really is not that significant.
The crown of my head feels a bit thinner.
The hair at my crown feels really brittle sometimes.
My hair has become a lot far more oily.
I recognize a great deal of modest wispy hairs appear out (like less than 1 cm long) pretty frequently.
I don’t have a lot hair loss on my shower or pillow at evening.
I have tried out a selection of shampoos (Head and Shoulders, Coal Tar shampoo) to try and halt the itch, but it really is nonetheless there to different degrees.
It is not an iron deficiency or thyroid deficiency as I’ve experienced those checked out through blood assessments for other functions.
I also have a background of hives, shingles, and a little bit of angiodema.

Is this male sequence baldness (androgenic alopecia), stress connected (telogen effluvium), or something else?

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Response by Marissa
Time to purchase rogaine!

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