Am I starting to bald?

Question by : Am I beginning to bald?
I am 21 many years previous Chinese male residing in the US. My family members has no background of male pattern baldness.

In the previous calendar year, my scalp has been off and on itchy
I’ve began to produce dandruff
I’ve noticed the hair on the sides of my head obtaining a little bit thinner (the place 1 would commonly expect MPB to start), but I haven’t misplaced anything at all in phrases of hair line.
You will find like two probably 1 cm extended lines (picture from my ears going ahead to appropriate exterior each of my eyes) exactly where the hair is quite skinny.
I also might have been beneath far more stress this earlier yr than in time’s previous.
No one has commented on any hair loss of mine but, as it really is not that significant.
The crown of my head feels a little bit thinner.
The hair at my crown feels quite brittle at times.
My hair has grow to be much more oily.
I recognize a whole lot of small wispy hairs appear out (like considerably less than 1 cm extended) pretty often.
I never have considerably hair loss on my shower or pillow at night time.
I’ve attempted a variety of shampoos (Head and Shoulders, Coal Tar shampoo) to attempt and cease the itch, but it is even now there to different degrees.
It really is not an iron deficiency or thyroid deficiency as I’ve had people checked out via blood exams for other functions.
I also have a historical past of hives, shingles, and a bit of angiodema.

Is this douleur pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia), pressure related (telogen effluvium), or a thing else?

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Perhaps indeed – probably no. See a Dermatologist for evaluation.

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