Androgenetic Alopecia

I have been slowly going bald considering that I was 16. I am 34 now and I cant conceal it as well. Will most likely get a wig, simply because its come to that point. I cant envision …
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  1. Alisina Shahi

    Hi, Have tried taking Zinc supplements? 

  2. Medina Suljkanovic

    Hey Joanne, have you tried to change your lifestyle ? like, eat more
    healthy food, no toxins, no junk food, just organic! it really is matter..
    you are what you eat 🙂 good luck

  3. SaRa93Ka

    Hi! It’s beautiful to see a video with someone who can understand my
    problem. I suffer from androgenetic alopecia, and all the people around me
    says that it is okay, and it is not something I have to worry about because
    hair is not something which is necessary to live, and in the world there
    are thousands of people with problems worse than mine. Well, I know they’re
    right, but I’m 21 and this problem is destroying me. I’ve started losing
    hair when I was 14, and as a child I had a lot of hair, and at a certain
    point they just fall down in some months. I saw doctors, made exams and no
    one could give me an answer. A few weeks ago a dermatologist gave me this
    response, and now I know that I’ll have to fight against this problem for
    the rest of my life. Now my hair looks quite normal if you see it and
    people don’t realize my problem, but I see that they’re just a few on the
    top of my head, and I’d pay to keep them this way for the rest of my life…
    But I know this is not possible. Now I’ve just started taking minoxidil,
    the doctor said it will help me re-growing hair and keeping them the way
    they are for a long time, and I hope it will work on me. I’m so sorry to
    hear that it didn’t worked on you. I confirm that it is very difficult to
    keep it on the bottom of the head, and I hope I won’t have a beard on the
    next months! The doctor said I’ll have to use it for the rest of my life,
    so I have to make me like it… Now my only hope is research, I’ve read that
    scientists are now trying to make the hair cloning possible in a few years,
    and I hope it will soon be possible to do it. Now I like my hair the way
    they are, but I don’t want to think that one day when the problem will be
    more serious I’ll be impotent observing them falling. Thanks you for having
    shared your experience, sorry for my english (I’m from Italy) and for this
    unrequested story I’ve told you… I think I needed to talk about it with
    someone that can understand what I fell about my problem. 

  4. i am a man and i have AA and i wish i had the hair you have.

  5. Edwin Betse

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  6. Peter Adams

    Due to a alopecia areata I have been losing my hair slowly for some time. I
    wanted a product that could help make a difference. I’ve been using arga
    nlife. hair products for about a month now and noticing difference. I
    would recommend you visit arga nlife.

  7. Johanna040713

    I don’t think that’s androgenic alopecia… Androgenic alopecia (AGA) makes
    your temple hair recede dramatically also in women. Temple hair is the most
    volnurable to dht (a form of testosterone that makes your hair fall in

  8. Cheyanne Ho

    I reckon you should use a Topper. This will be ideal for you. and no health

  9. cookierocksskulls

    Could you please upload an update on how you’re doing with your hair.. I
    love to see how you’re doing!

  10. Laura Dou

    It’s really nice to share your experience. I have been experiencing hair
    loss for a year and a half…haven’t go to the doctor to check if it’s
    Androgenic alopecia. It’s really driving me crazy and I’m now thinking of
    getting hair transplant. Have you thought about it ?(since your hair on the
    side and back are healthy) I’m thinking to have it..

  11. Virginie Minciotti

    Dear Joanne, I’m Virginie, 24 years old, from France
    Thanks for sharing this, it makes me and a lot of women in this situation
    feeling less alone.. I’m dealing with massive hairloss for one year, you
    can start to see my scalp in front of my head. I tried A LOT of treatments
    already, except from Minoxidil (Rogaine for you) because exactly as you say
    Im afraid of hair growth on my face.
    This disease is destroying my self confidence and worries me a lot.
    Did someone here actually used Minoxidil and had great result with it
    without facial hairs?
    Keep strong and thank you again.

  12. I admire you for sharing your story. There are natural solutions available
    that are effective against FPB and MPB alopecias and hair loss. RedsKitchen
    Sink has smoothie recipes, and the Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair Systems with
    no side effects. Go to that channel and see.

  13. Brow Dambs

    I had noticed my hair falling out by the bunches. I had severe alopecia
    about 3 years ago and my hair grew back within time. However, it is thinner
    than ever. I was worried the alopecia would come back again leaving me with
    tiny bald patches. I was willing to try anything that would ease my hair
    loss/thinning. I have been using argan rain hair products ( you should
    google it ) for about a week now.I have to say, I’m happy with the

  14. TheGoszka88

    Hello Joanne, I’am Gosia, 25 years old, from Poland. I am suffering from
    androgenic alopecia as well and at this moment my hair is much worse than
    yours… However I don’t give up. During last two years I have made a lot
    DESEASE!!!!! And FINALLY I found reason for my hair loss: too high level of
    cortisol and too high level of “functional prolactine” (sorry I don’t know
    translation – it is level of prolactin when you are for example stressed;
    to estimate level of “functional” prolactin you have to perform blood test
    after 60 minutes after taking pill containing metoclopramidi
    hydrochloridum). I hope when I start pharmacological treatment for lowering
    level of these hormons my hair will regrowth. You have to go to GOOD
    endocrynologist…. And I think there is hope for us – stem cells
    mesotherapy. It is expensive (in Poland around 2000 euro) but i will

  15. Halbert Lucky

    *I would highly recommend this easy to follow step-by-step guide to anyone
    who is suffering from hair loss right now. But remember this isn’t a
    miracle cure for baldness as you will also need to put in some effort in
    order to see results. And Argan Rain only a minimum commitment of 5 minutes
    a day to help your – hair.*

  16. alberta berly

    I had noticed my hair falling out by the bunches. I had severe alopecia
    about 3 years ago and my hair grew back within time. However, it is thinner
    than ever. I was worried the alopecia would come back again leaving me with
    tiny bald patches. I was willing to try anything that would ease my hair
    loss/thinning. I have been using arga nlife hair products ( you should
    google it ) for about a week now.I have to say, I’m happy with the

  17. TT Supra

    Your hot, I can help you babe message me I know what stuff works oils,
    treatments etc

  18. China Rivera

    I’m 18, I’ve had AA since I was 12. I used to get bullied about it and I
    really was affected for a while. I desperately try everything and only
    until this year I found a treatment that is kind of helping. It’s a new
    product, I went out on a limb and decided to buy the kit. The kit is called
    Regenetresse, it includes shampoo, conditioner and a mousse for after your
    shower. I would definitely recommend it! I also take a vitamin called
    Viviscal, the combination is working well so far.

  19. hanna pagal

    Thank you for your video. I’m Johana and I’m also 34. I’m going through the
    same nightmare.. it is devastating. Just listening to you make me feel
    better knowing that I’m not the only one. It is encouraging to see how
    strong you are. Thank you again for posting this video.

  20. goldfuselage

    Hi Joanne. Thank you so much for posting this video!! My question is did
    you notice a lot of hair being shed when you were in high school and up
    until you had your son? Or did you mostly just notice the balding spots on
    your head?

  21. VioletBurgundy

    Hi Joanne! Thanks for sharing. My mom first noticed that my hair was
    thinning up top about 3 years ago, when I was 25. Brushed her off, as she
    usually exaggerates. But I finally went to see the Dr. this summer. Mom was
    right, I have alopecia. Just started Rogaine. Read some forums. Nizoral
    shampoo helps cuz it block DHT hormones. As for your problem, try hair loss
    concealers like Toppik or Caboki. These 2 aren’t available for me in Canada
    so I got Bosley Hair Fibers. Conceals well. Easy to use.

  22. lol and men with this very same shit are ridiculed and called baldies, when
    girls get all the compassion. it’s the same experience for us!!!!!!!!!