Any clues on how can I get my hair straight while in invisible braids Help?

Query by Lawrence Hill: Any clues on how can I get my hair straight whilst in invisible braids Assist?
Recently just obtained invisible have not experienced a perm in like 4 months , You can see that I want a perm if you seem at the braids. Any clues or suggest of how to make my hair straight while in the invisible. My last choice is likely back again to the shop and have them braid it pass the conclude of my very own hair? Support

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Answer by SannyM
Could you mean that you require/have a relaxer? A perm makes hair curly. If you have ANY chemical substances in your hair, you ought to not have braids. The excess weight of the braids, on weakend hair (from chemicals) will surely cause hair loss. Your hair can break and in some places (like edges) the hair decline can be permanent. Search up the expression Traction Alopecia, and search at pictures. A reliable stylist would NOT have place braids in your hair, understanding you have a relaxer.
In any case, just wait around until finally you take the braids out, do an Aphogee remedy to improve your hair, then unwind it. You have to wait around two weeks.

**I’ve never worn braids, but my daughter did when she was younger. The max volume of time that we would depart the braids in, was 2 months, interval.

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