Any ideas for my hair falling out?

Issue by Trish: Any ideas for my hair slipping out?
I utilised to tease my hair for a great eight months. I untangled fairly gently each time thinking about I employed my hands alternatively of combing it out. I barely ever utilized hair product, and I have not teased my hair for months. Not too long ago, I have recognize a great deal more of my hair is slipping out. My hair is usually healthier and for the most portion untreated, apart from a couple straightening perms 3 and two several years in the past. My routine now is shampoo, conditioner, and blow dry. Any enter on why this is happening, and what I could do to end hair decline and how to take care of it?

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  1. You might try getting a hair cut that you can towel dry and skip the blow drying for a while and see if that helps. If you are on a diet or taking new medication or under a lot of stress that might be the reason , anything that might mess up your hormones.. My doctor said that zinc supplements help.

  2. Conditioner is what’s making your hair fall out. It has happened to my sister and me because we would always use conditioner and our hair was as thin as your could feel our heads already. Ever since I stopped using conditioner 2 years ago my hair is so thick now. If you want fast results to having thick hair eat decently and healthy, don’t use any harsh chemicals in your hair. I would recommend Nioxin shallow it really does help thickening hair. My sister used it and her hair is thickening up 🙂
    You could find this product in professional salons or hair beauty stores.

    hope I helped!