Any individual have the autoimmune condition alopecia areata?

Question by myprtybutterflies: Anyone have the autoimmune illness alopecia areata?
I just discovered out I have it . OMG it has happened so rapidly. In just a handful of weeks it is went from a single place to more than a dozen. My loved ones tells me,”Well at least your not planning to die from this.” which I know but is genuinely no convenience to me. I am hoping I can uncover any individual else that has a greater insight on what I am going by means of.

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Reply by emily m
ur heading to be alright ur not the only 1 that have it. so be strong. my cousin pal has it and she use to cry all the time cuz children at faculty tlk so a lot shit about her but she ok now.. her wigs are hella quite. dont let any person tlk shit about u at all ,if they do continue to be strong and tlk shit back.

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