Any information on eyebrow and eyelash loss months following the finish of chemo?

Issue by stephmille: Any info on eyebrow and eyelash decline months following the stop of chemo?
I concluded chemo at the finish of January, my eyelashes fell out Following that, they grew back again and it would seem like they are falling out again. Any feelings, details, or suggestions as to what the dilemma could be and what I could do to get treatment of it?
thanks so considerably for excellent solutions and for taking the time–you’ve place my thoughts to at peace!

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Answer by neuromancer
Chemotherapy can damage the cells that make hair. This means that hair on your head and everywhere on your entire body might drop out. Hair decline is named “alopecia”. (and indeed you can commence to drop your hair two-three weeks immediately after therapy!)
Alopecia is a situation in which hair is misplaced from some or all places of the entire body, usually from the scalp.
Chemo may possibly have destroyed the cells triggering them to have a shorter life span?
or could it be a lot more psychological in that now that they have lastly developed back again you might be a bit more worried about if they are really keeping?
i never truly know what to recommend in conditions of eyelashes, except perhaps a volumizing (not lengthening) mascara if it bothers you that much?

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