Any natural methods to quit hair loss?

Query by : Any organic ways to stop hair reduction?
Im a teen (high school junior) and im not bald! i was just wondering lead to I have noticed that in the direction of my left temple just a little bit thinning of hair, not too a lot but still ive discovered. Anyhow I dont wanna be bald specially b4 I even commence school so do u know any natual methods to avoid it. I hold my hair rather short since I heard thats healthful and I may well spike it up into a faux hawk once in a whilst (as soon as every single one-two weeks). I have black a bit wavy hair if I develop it out. I also physical exercise and am not too stressed out if that has any connection. I use dove most of the time, wash my hair each day. I also want to know only normal ways not issues u acquire in retailers! Also just in situation I do become bald in my late 20s of 30s Im wondering how significantly does the hair transplant or what ever they get in touch with it value???


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-try to eat fruits/veggies/omega three fatty acids which are like almonds, fish or fish oil, flaxseed
-consider a everyday vitamin
-dont anxiety

this will just take a month or so but all-natural is greater

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  1. The best thing for you to do is to take preventative measures. No reputable surgeon would touch you before you’re 30 (and most would say around 35) because if you’re thinning at an early age, it’s way too soon to tell what your pattern of baldness will be. That being said, don’t panic. I started thinning at my temples when I was 18 as well and didn’t get a hair transplant till I was 35. I was fortunate that my hair loss was remarkably slow, so it was never really all that noticeable. You might end up the same way. Sometimes what we think is “thinning” is just normal. Our hairlines change over time (from the time we’re a teen to the time we’re adults). It’s not necessarily hair loss.

    Hair loss is caused by one thing and one thing only – genetics. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t caused by stress, bad shampoo, wearing ball caps, using hair products, having long hair/short hair, what you eat, etc. Those are all old wives tales. When men start losing their hair, they begin to consider everything under the sun as to why they’re losing hair except for the strikingly obvious – genetics. Here are a few preventative measures you can take:

    -use a DHT fighting shampoo such as Murad or Nioxin. Most have a topical serum that you apply once a day as well. I’m not convinced these shampoos do much, but they can’t hurt. I use Murad every night.
    -when you get a little older (I think you’re still too young) and if you think things are getting worse, you could consider using finasteride (commonly marketed as Propecia). This drug inhibits DHT (they enzyme responsible for male pattern baldness) in the bloodstream which slows down and sometimes even stops the thinning process. However, you should research this carefully as some men experience devastating sexual side effects from it (although it’s very rare and I’ve never met anyone personally who has).

    In answer to your question – hair transplants typically cost between $ 5000 and $ 15,000 depending on how many grafts you’re having done. If you’re just doing a small procedure like I did (around 1000 grafts), it will cost you around $ 5000. Obviously if your baldness is more severe and you need more coverage, it will cost you a lot more.

  2. The cause of hair loss isn’t always easy to pin down, often it’s a combination of things that is causing it. The way you prevent it will depend on what the cause/causes may be, so understanding why it’s happening to you may be the best place to start.

    One thing is for sure it’s best not to wait to do something about it. The earlier you identify the cause of the problem and address it the better your chances of curing it.

    In the source box I added a couple of links on hair loss, one has the various causes and solutions and the other lists vitamins you should add to your diet to better aid in hair growth.

  3. It maybe due to excessive use of shampoo. I guess you have to use another one or lessen the amount that you basically apply on your hair. For now, better not comb your hair while it’s wet and also best if you avoid putting some gel until you see that it has restore it’s volume.