Any new treatment options for Alopecia totalis?

Concern by SueWithTwo: Any new treatment options for Alopecia totalis?
I began getting rid of my hair when i was seventeen.. at 19 I experienced to shave the relaxation off since it was so undesirable. I am 24 now, and I nevertheless have no hair, Eyebrows, arm hair.. I have some development, but nothing at all to get enthusiastic about. Because its been this prolonged I am sure, it will never grow again…but probably theres anything new? Im even now young and I’m a girl.. I have a baby of my possess now and It just kills my self esteem. An individual once instructed me there was a tablet out there that could aid? any one know of anything? Make sure you dont say wigs.. i clearly know that presently.

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Response by alins
Hi,I have Alopecia universalis considering that oct 2006 and I even now fight with this ailment since I don`t comprehend why it`s hap pend.Me as well I don`t like wigs.
Are you make identical blood checks? Might be will be good.
Excellent luck and get treatment!

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