any suggesstions for hair reduction????

Concern by msaggi12: any suggesstions for hair decline????
i m 26 and loosing my hair badly. i tried some aged loved ones dependent medicines. but to no excellent. remember to advise me some medicines or hair oil or shampoos.

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Answer by savannah14atschool

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  1. bastett35

    Nioxin shampoo and conditioners are good to try. You can not get all of your hair back but you might be able to regrow some hair back and prevent loss of alot more hair. You should be able to pick some up at a hair salon.

  2. try to creamebath ur hair in hairdressing, dnt put hat all the time

  3. melissa c

    honestly …..theres nothing you can do…it mostly likely runs in your family ….I have a son hes 21 and has lost his hair …..hes a nice looking kid …so now he shaves his head and has no hair and he looks great like that …if you have a nice head I would shave the hair off if its bald on top ….lots of guys look great in bald head better than being bald on top just shave it off….no one ould no why your doing it…is a style now days …..

  4. Nioxin is a great product! The line has several options to choose from so you might want to talk to your stylist, or an educated beauty supply dealer.

  5. clover_t21

    I agree with using nioxin, you could even go to a facial spa where they practice electrolysis…it’s an electric current that stimulates the hair follicle and it doesn’t hurt, just tingles which is refreshing. I’ve tried it on a friend of mine… she stresses too much and hair seems not to work just w/ nioxin….try it….and don’t stress to much

  6. i would eat more meat for the protein and iron, i use pantene shampoo+condtioner it seemed to help!! i noticed my hair started growing after i went on a low carb diet and ate more meat

  7. michaljohn20

    Hair depends on adequate protein and nutrients to maintain its shine and luster. Stress can deplete the body of necessary vitamins that keep hair looking healthy. Stress can also be a factor in hair loss. A healthy cuticle is responsible for leaving hair soft and shiny.
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