Any suggestions on protecting against hair decline from radiation?

Query by rhyleigh: Any recommendations on avoiding hair loss from radiation?
I’m in my third recurrance of cancer and this time it really is in my skull. Shedding my hair when I had chemo was no massive deal because it grows back, but now I’ve been instructed I should have radiation therapies. That can cause everlasting hair decline. I’ve read about a woman who used men’s Rogaine to prevent hair loss when she was on radiation. Has any person else read of this?

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Reply by sylvia5482
Attempt apple cider vinegar. Its all natural and will replace any nutritional vitamins and minerals you get rid of. It has 93 vitaimins and minerals. It will support with hair progress. Just two tbls. of acv in a glass of water. It helps prevent osteoporosis. You can use it in area of a food. So take your acv 3-4 times a working day or every time you know you require to try to eat. Heaps of luck darling. For some cause spirit claims plenty of eco-friendly leafy greens as in a salad. Consume lots of h2o. Go through the water treatment on the internet. Consider treatment.

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  1. hotnurse223

    Unfortunately, I have not heard of Rogaine being successful. The only way it would be sucessful is if it could block the radiation from affecting your hair cells, which it can’t do. I have seen some people who have had hair loss during radiation and it has grown back. I wish you the best of luck for a full recovery from your cancer!

  2. My hair is still not back from radation.
    The damage is more permanent than with chemo.
    Just be happy to be alive, and find a good wig shop.
    Best wishes

  3. mountainchowpurple

    my husband had radiation on his face lost all of his beard but in 4 weeks its comming back

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