Any therapies for slim hairs?

Concern by Josh: Any therapies for thin hairs?
I reduce my hair a handful of months back after receiving exhausted of obtaining cornrows and observed that my hairline was pushed back again and it is noticeable. I consider it’s known as traction alopecia(not certain) due to the fact when ever i received cornrows i often received it restricted since it appeared far better. I see thin hairs expanding in the spot where my hairline utilised to be but it really is…thin. It is not like I am likely bald( I am eighteen). The doctor was no aid, he just stated it relies upon on genetics and failed to even inquire if there is a cause why the hairs are slim. Anybody know if there’s something i can do to make the slender hairs thicker and darker like they employed to be?

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Response by Jimmy P
Attempt castor oil or coconut oil. Each are low-cost and normal.

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