Anybody know products for women that genuinely support thinning hair?

Issue by MMOB: Any person know products for girls that truly assist thinning hair?
I am forty, have 3 children (nine, six, three) and have observed over the previous three-five a long time my hair falling out and beginning to slim on leading. This is very distressing to me and I am anxious to death about it. My thyroid is in check out and I have no well being troubles that trigger hair loss, so I never know how to repair this problem. My ob said there’s really nothing anyone, male or feminine, can do about thinning hair. It truly is just age, hormone, stress associated. He mentioned even Rogaine doesn’t operate or else we wouldn’t nonetheless see bald gentlemen, significantly less women! Does any individual who has had this issue know any treatment options that truly produced a distinction before I go paying tons of funds on a million items promising thicker hair. Mind you, I’m not bald or balding – I have just observed a definite thinning on the crown of my head and have to meticulously style my hair so that my scalp will not show.

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Solution by shop2early
I went to the Skin doctor, and he did a biopsy of my head. That will locate out the root problem with the hair not developing or not increasing in some locations. In my circumstance, it was decide that I experienced lifeless hair follicles that will not improve again since of several years of placing perms, and hair dyes, in my hair.

You should not waste your income, like I did planning to places, that guarantee you thick and longer hair. There are none. I can tell you I waste, over $ 4,000 in some Laser Treatment method that did not function.

Go to your Dermatologist, he or she will get to the root of the issue for you. There probably some oil ointment, that you want a prescription for. It did not work for me, but you never know it might perform for you. Based on the difficulty.

Excellent Luck.

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  1. OpulentStylist

    the Nioxin line of products really do help thicken up fine and thinning hair. you can get it from a salon. its really great.

  2. Applying warm coconut oil mixed with castor oil[2:1] ,left overnight and washed with herbal shampoo will help.Also try application of onion juice ,wash with mild shampoo/plain water after half an hour.

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