Anyone with these signs and symptoms? ?

Issue by smartiepantz: Any person with these signs? ?
can you lose your hair (at the follicle, not breakage)
if you believe you have herpes
are under a lot of mental pressure from it
(I AM Likely TO THE Medical doctor)

to be truthful i dont know what I have but i consider i may possibly be unwell with some thing, possibly that or i am stressing my self out so significantly about it that its triggering me to get rid of hair???

I know my entire body, some thing is not proper and this I will locate out ASAP, but until then I need some tips.

what are ailments where you get rid of hair/ reasons why

DOES NOT Run IN Household
I AM Having Several Vitamins

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Answer by I really like Kyle! <3
I’m sry ='( Hope u get greater

Hair loss is a signal of Most cancers

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