anytime i am pregnat and place relaxers on my hair, my becomes quite quite limited, pls, what is the result in?

Question by segviv b: whenever i am pregnat and put relaxers on my hair, my gets to be very extremely quick, pls, what is the result in?
and how can i just take treatment of my hair for the duration of being pregnant, as i am organizing to have a child very before long, by Gods grace.

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Solution by duffie_1999
Do NOT procedure your hair even though you are pregnant. What do you mean it turns into limited. The only way it can turn out to be brief is if it breaks for all the processing. End stressing about your hair and concentrate on your kid.

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  1. want fries bad!!

    do whatever you need to do to relax you while being pregnat it is that one time in your life when you need to fcuse on u and only you good luck with gods gift

  2. steph_the_chef

    While pregnant, your baby takes in a lot of the nutrients that goes to you normally for hair grown and strength, etc. While pregnant and while trying to get pregnant, I would suggest taking prenatal vitamins. This will give you the little extra boost af nutritian that may help with your hair loss and/or damage which causes it to break off/fall out. also, trat your hair really good if you are going to relax it. get the conditioning treatment. keep it moiturized. take a break every now and then from putting heat to it(blowdry/curling/flatirons). And please seek professional help for these relaxers. Let them know your hair history, so they will do what is best for your hair, in regards to relaxer strength. Good luck with the pregnancy.