Are my testosterone levels as well reduced for a lady?

Concern by amal19: Are my testosterone levels too low for a girl?
I just had my blood checks completed a number of days ago and my physician instructed me my testosterone is actually minimal. I was carrying out some analysis online and some internet sites say my quantities are normal, other sites say they are not. I’m not a doctor but I have no concept what these numbers mean. My hair has thinned a lot in the past 3 several years so that is why I went to see a medical doctor. He would like me to get a next opinion by an endocrinologist but I can not get an appointment for an additional three months! Are these ranges also lower? And can they be the perpetrator to my thinning hair? (also, I’ve had an occasion of alopecia areata one month back, if that issues, that is in no way happened just before but decided to occur one evening)

About me: twenty five, white female, 5’10”, a hundred and fifty five lbs.

Testosterone = 27 ng/dL
Totally free testosterone (%) = one.six%
Free of charge testosterone = four.3 pg/mL

This is specifically what it says on my test outcomes. As well low? Is this creating my hair thinning? Or is my medical professional incorrect?

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Solution by Daniel Z
No, your testosterone amounts are not also minimal for a lady…

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