Are there alopecia experts for youngsters?

Question by Julesters: Are there alopecia experts for children?
I have examine that there is no cure for alopecia, but there are several situations wherever hair progress may appear again. Are there professionals in alopecia that any person could suggest who can give better treatment options? It would be for a 10 yr outdated who is not responding to rogaine or cortisone pictures.

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Response by Marcia
From what I know, you are right in that there is no “cure” for alopecia notably in obtaining a full head of long term hair to increase. I have been some what loosely connected with, what is now a girl, who experienced childhood alopecia. Although I have not right seen her for many several years now, just this final thirty day period I seen the most current: Her hair reduction was often far more of an issue for her mother than it experienced been for her. At this position, she’s not sure if any of her outdated wigs finished up in the bins she packed a yr or so in the past prior to her previous transfer. When questioned about her wigs she mentioned that they had been sizzling, itchy things her mom “made” her wear as frequently as she could and that it appeared at if they needed much more treatment than real hair. She explained that in reality, by the time she was junior substantial age, she had fairly considerably figured out that she was who she was and that the hair on her head did not didn’t modify who she was as a individual. She was not ashamed if she experienced no hair on her head and people that couldn’t manage it, nicely….

I did scope a web page or two out on the web following inserting “alopecia children” into the look for motor boy, there are a lot of people all set and ready to promote stuff for it. But, I did appear up with some websites you may well want to examine out:

National Alopecia Areata Foundation ( This website does give you some basic and particular data. But, if you change to their analysis, present grants, and archived/earlier grants you can get an thought of who (and which institutions) is performing what in the research for the two causes and cures. In switch, this may give you a lot more comply with-up paths toward finding details valuable to you.

I also came throughout a web site run by a girl with alopecia ( who welcomes electronic correspondence with others who have alopecia. You and/or your son could discover some further answers there.

But then once more, I came across a site that speaks of forty three causes of childhood hair reduction ( It might offer some helpful data toward confirmation and/or questioning of your son’s diagnosis.

Finally, I also located a internet site that assumes the alopecia prognosis is right and concentrates on operating with the situation (childrensalopeciaproject). Their emphasis is in supplying assistance to parents of , households of , and individuals with alopecia.

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