Are there any balding products?

Issue by Iago: Are there any balding merchandise?
I have alopecia areta which is an auto-immune problem that can make you get rid of hair. In my situation, I misplaced all of my hair by the time I was in the 1st grade. I have been wearing wigs ever considering that then, but I’m so tired of them now. I just want to really feel the sunshine on my scalp. The factor is however that I am primarily bald apart from for some patches of strangly hair and it seems to be disgusting. I do not want to have to shave my head each and every night to pull of the bald appear. I just want a completely bare scalp. Are there any items or strategies I can use to make all of the patches of hair go away?

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Reply by Sur La Mer
Traction alopecia is hair decline that happens as a consequence of ongoing pulling of the hair. Pulling might arise from hairstyles this kind of as limited cornrows, plaits or braids with or with out extensions, weaves, ponytails or even hair rollers or curlers. Natural hairstyles can also direct to traction alopecia as nicely. Extended hefty locks and tightly coiled twists can direct to traction alopecia. The hair reduction related with traction alopecia usually happens at the frontal hairline, at the temples or the area of the scalp previously mentioned the ears. It might also arise at the posterior hairline.

Shave them off.

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