Are there any Goods out there to fight hair decline?

Query by solaris: Are there any Merchandise out there to overcome hair decline?
A buddy of mine is only 23 and her hair is virtually, falling out slowly. When she wakes up in the early morning, its all in excess of her pillow- that kind of falling out. Its truly unhappy as she’s properly healthful and spectacular hunting far too – its just her family genes. Is there nearly anything to support her? Natural and organic/organic goods lab products cosmetic items – anything would be helpful.


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Answer by Angel
i been making use of minoxidil for the earlier four months and only beginning to see a minor hair growing but they are falling too.

im hoping nioxin starter kit proper now cos they stated that it makes hair much better and wont fall…try to research it and possibly it will assist.

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  1. I know Lush does a shampoo called New! thats supposed to very good, i love Lush products they’re all natural and vegan so she wouldn’t be putting nasty chemicals on her head (which is probably not the wisest thing to do if she is already having problems) everyhing else i have tried from Lush has worked brilliantly so i dont see why this should be a any different, its quite cheap and so definutly worth a try.

    Also you should probably get her to check with a doctor its not a symptom of something or stress-related, just incase.

    good luck to her 🙂

  2. She needs to go to a dr to make sure there are no underlying causes that can be treated.
    Short of that there are 2 FDA approved treatments, only one of which she can use.
    Rogaine for woman, it is otc.
    Don’t waste money on any other treatments. You may find this hard to believe but people will lie to you in order to sell you overpriced items and take your money.
    Pattern baldness happens at the same rate in men as in women, the problem is that women lose the hair at the top of their heads and retain a line of hair at their hairline, this makes it easier for them to hide the hairloss (they can just comb hair back over the thin spot, this looks better than the dreaded comb over). So if this is the case she is not alone, her baldness of course may be a worse case senario.

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