Are there any homeopathic cures for Alopecia areata?

Concern by Firewalker: Are there any homeopathic cures for Alopecia areata?

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Solution by WIDOWMAKER54
consider the adhering to:

Baldness, hair increase & regrow system

8 oz. avocado oil
thirty gram rosemary
five drops peppermint oil
mix these a few elements
you can both spot them in a glass container (heat resistant) and area in an oven for 20 minutes at 300 deg F OR location in a darkish colored glass bottle and retailer a dim area for six weeks
once you have completed the over stage, pressure the oil to take away the rosemary
(use cheese fabric or similar cloth and squeeze the additional oil out)
as soon as you have strained the oil you can therapeutic massage 1 teaspoonful into your scalp 3 occasions a working day
store the unused portion in a darkish coloured bottle in a amazing darkish location (not chilly), you can shop it for up to 3 months

also try out:blood tonic

Burdock root and Yellow Dock root decoction works by cleaning the blood.

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