Are there any meals that support hair expand back again?

Issue by Hawk: Are there any foodstuff that assist hair develop again yet again?
I observed that i have several spots exactly where i have hair loss? Not positive if it is hair decline but like some places you only can see the skin but only a modest amount of hair is there? I have employed gell and have been pulling the hair all the time and i regret it now.
Is there any way i can help the hair expand and be far more yet again? like any foods that could potentially assist? Types that have natural vitamins?

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Solution by KaSS
prenatal nutritional vitamins & bananas

my hair is down to my waistline and is wholesome and total, and my nails develop wholesome!

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  1. Try eating “Biotin” rich foods. It definitely helps your hair grow in and overall be healthier. It worked pretty well for me and hair loss / baldness runs in my family. I also use a Biotin rich shampoo 2 to 3 times a week. Together I really like the results.

    I would research some of the “Biotin” type hair shampoos out there and see which one works for you. I got mine from and am very happy with the results.