Are there any solutions for hair reduction thanks to tension?

Question by Doiturselfer: Are there any solutions for hair loss because of to anxiety?
A feminine friend of mine experienced a couple of traumatic experiences a couple of many years in the past. She experienced a small patch of hair reduction after the very first incident. It ultimately grew again. Months later soon after one more near nervous breakdown, the place came again on the other facet of her head. Given that then her hair has turn into quite brittle and breaks straightforward. Not certain what she’s tried. Just want to verify choices for myself to help her overcome this.

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Answer by catsoda
I have seasoned this and have located a couple of issues that served:
-see a expert & truly deal with the problems creating the pressure.
-black currant oil (omega-three &GLA) described in a Dr. Andrew Weil book.
-take in salmon and flaxseed
-get some physical exercise where you sweat, increasing circulation
-get scalp massages w/oil
-use “ethnic” hair care goods, even if you are not
-reduce your hair brief for awhile.

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  1. What you have is called stress spots , the spots usually change areas in your scalp , but not to worry the hair does come back , I believe their is treatment for this but would have to go to a professional , Something else you can try would be a professional shampoo and treatment called NIXON this is a treatment for hair loss in the beginning and advance stages , you can find this product at a professional salon (or ) a a jcpenney salon in your area , it is a very effective treatment , but it does take time for the effects to work , your friend needs to stick with the program , she would probably see that she does not lose any hair during the first week or so, but have her continue this treatment …….being in this business for so long I have never seen anything this effective …..

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