Are there cancers that lead to hair reduction?

Concern by bmk: Are there cancers that result in hair loss?
My spouse commenced dropping hair at seventeen (also started out obtaining really negative anxiousness for no explanation, decline of strength and sleeping problems). Hair reduction will not run in his family members but when he was tested the medical professionals didn’t know what was leading to his hair reduction. But I was wondering if there are specific cancers that aren’t taken care of that can cause hair decline simply because on 1 side of his loved ones they have a number of varieties of cancers that ran threw the family but he isn’t going to know what cancer they experienced.

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Answer by redmug100
No, chemotherapy leads to hair loss not most cancers by itself. Hair reduction in folks with no most cancers are because of to genetics

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  1. Memere RN/BA

    Genetics are the biggest reason for hair loss. Even though it doesn’t run in his family, this could be due to a recessive gene from long ago that’s come to surface in your husband. We know of traits that only our ancestors could have had that lie dormant and come alive in one sibling after countless generations. It’s odd, but it happens. Sleeping problems can also cause a variety of problems as well. He would have anxiety simply because he can’t sleep. I’m surprised his doctor didn’t tell him about dormant or recessive genes. There are no cancers that would cause hair loss that I know of, but what I do know, is the treatments for cancers are the culprit here. If I can find any cancer that does this, I’ll add it on. Good luck.

  2. No cancer causes hairloss. He just has male baldness and bad luck.