Are there treatments for most cancers that do not consequence in hair loss?

Concern by Morg: Are there treatments for most cancers that do not end result in hair decline?
from what i know people with most cancers drop their hair from the kemo treatments not nessisarly the disease its self. (be sure to appropriate me if i am wrong)
and i was wondering if there was a type of remedy that would not result in hair reduction? if so what sorts of most cancers does this apply to?

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Reply by Amber
Not all varieties of chemotherapy medication trigger hair decline, and not all sorts that do trigger hair decline lead to the exact same extent/severity of hair reduction. It also depends a lot on the particular person. Some individuals never ever drop their hair no make a difference what medications they are on.
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can both cause hair decline, not only on the scalp but all more than the physique, but hair thinning can be disguised relatively by reducing the hair brief and employing light hair items, like baby shampoo. 🙂

If you are concerned about on your own or a buddy or family member, the oncologist (most cancers medical doctor) will be in a position to tell you if the specific medication currently being used may well lead to hair reduction.

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  1. Denisedds

    Most treatment does not result in hair loss.
    And it is chemo, only some drugs in some people cause hair loss.

  2. the heart of pineapple is a natural treatment . google it

  3. Some people don’t lose their hair, some lose a little bit, some lose enough where they shave it to make it look better. My dad didn’t lose all his, it just looked like he was a little older than he was, if you just looked at his hair, except for his mustache, he only lost half of that. As for treatments I would ask a specialist.

  4. Surgery, which is the main treatment for most cancers, does not cause hair loss.

    Radiotherapy/radiation doesn’t cause hair loss unless it is directed at a part of the body which has hair, such as the head

    Some cancers are not treated with chemotherapy, some are. Whether a patient who has one of the latter types is recommended chemo depends on their individual cancer. Some chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss, some do not The drug or combination of drugs given depends, again, on the individual patient’s cancer.

    Mot cancer treatments don’t cause hair loss.

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