Assist pls..for a lot more than 17yrs I’m suffering fr alopecia areata which began after I confined because of to fever?

Issue by nurse_gal: Aid pls..for far more than 17yrs I’m struggling fr alopecia areata which commenced immediately after I confined due to fever?
It was1992 when I am hospitalized due to persistent large fever,right after discharged I observed a smooth place on my scalp, alopecia areata which I experience until finally now. I have consulted Drs. & dermatologists but they just gave me anti-dandruff stuffs which didn’t help bec I do not have dandruff. I choose a bath and wash my hair everyday, I shampoo every other day, I conditioned my hair daily. Now I’m implementing Amla oil everyday (overnight), which helps make my hair shiny and gentle but would seem the alopecia stays the very same…not treated…It just, hair grows then other location hair goes…which is just a cycle for 17 yrs…
I have numerous spots that look by batch, wherever when hair grows one more batch of spots show up that helps make my long hair like a hair with hairs, which doesn’t search good. Occasionally my extended hair is not adequate to cover up the spots…

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Response by jandy
see an immunologist or endocrinologist. normally alopecia areata is from tension, but, that was result in of asthma and abdomen ulcers way too and they have been mistaken. saw an report tonight that magnesium may possibly support. have some blood work completed , be sure to, have they completed scalp scrapings. Alopecia areata is pretty uncommon, I noticed 1 case in Saudi in
ninety one.. he had bare circles all in excess of his head, but also had thick black hair to address spots.. don’t shampoo so a lot, which is as well usually, do you just have a single spot? I’m sorry, I know it is distressing, probably get some hair extensions, SOHO kiosks in malls or 1 other region to take into account is adrenal insufficiency, reduced testosterone, even if you might be female, you do make it, ACTH levels and chem panels and CT scan can determine. or adrenal insufficiency or minimal amounts, will not use homeopathic/naturopathic meds for adrenal tiredness, okay? choose care. Janet

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